sayyida_jaida (sayyida_jaida) wrote,

sarth 8/27

Here is the updated list. As you can see, there are names under Present who are not on the list. I do not know if they are alts, or if they got theirs and just came for fun. If you are on the present list and the drake list and the names do not match PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN MOVE YOU.

Grats Avoth on his Twilight Drake!

Next Run will be on Saturday 8/31 at 6 server. Calender invites are sent. If you want to be added, respond to this entry and I'll put you on the list.

Current List:

9: Bitterxsweet
8: Rukia, Sairsta, Holls
7: Jaager,
6: Valrena, Potoki
5: Nerrd, , Kokiron, Onara, Pinxy, Verdande, Byrg, Rosz, Su of Suu. Eclair/yuki
4: Atixa/Auryona, Allu , Con, Anaamika
3: Philae, Ibi, Leeroi, Rheeana, Lashe, Twylla
2: Artemayis, Bloodletter, Flori, Vensus, Irliania, Hunniebunny, Audrideath, Mik
1: Alyri, Sosaki, Septimus, Ashri, , Nikkiya, Soul, Wilowisp, Faedyn

Present (8/27):

Gnuluu, Narci, Avoth, Twylla, Sair, Ardelain?allu, Mik, Holls, Lashe, Con, Bitterxsweet, Anaa, Nadeja/Faedyn
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