sayyida_jaida (sayyida_jaida) wrote,

Underworld Timeline?

Ok, this is just me being a dork, but it struck me as odd and didn't make sense.

1) Celine's father built the prison and was killed for it by Vicktor when Celine was an adult (or as old as she looks in the movies, yes/yes??).

2) Sonya is wearing the key around her neck in the RIse of the Lycan's and in the first movie, which Lucien takes off her corpse and wears around his neck.

3) When Celine starts digging about history, it sounds like it's ancient history long before her time and no one knows about how the war started.

How is that possible? How could it be ancient history if the necklace/key was being worn? Doesn't that imply it's in the same time give or take as her own childhood?

Becaue I was going to say maybe the necklace became a key later, but then how did Victor get it back from Lucien and Lucien get it back from Victor??

See the problem?

Or am I missing something?
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