sayyida_jaida (sayyida_jaida) wrote,

Grumps and Grumbles

So, I noticed that I haven't actually posted anything here in an age and a half.  Some of you probably don't even remember me.  But there is something about siting here in a class and wanting to sleep that makes me think LIVEJOURNAL  UPDATE!!!!

So.  Here I am.

I was up really really late last night.  Found a friend online that I hadn't talked to in a few months, and we were catching up and the next thing I knew it was 5am and I had class to start thinking about.  But it was worth it to catch up with him.  And then, it's patch day.  I started downloading it and 3 hours later it was only 20% done.  Sigh.  My husband was like, if you understand routers you would know how to turn off the firewall.  Um.  Hello.  That's why I married you. 

Let's see.  News.  I'm getting a puppy a WEEK FROM TODAY.  Her name is going to be Cherrywood's Regina Caeli, and we're going to call her Ginny.  Anyone surprised by the call name?  :P

I'll post pics when I get them.

I miss you guys.  Comment and let me know you're still alive.

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