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Sayyida Jaida
Pretenetiously Academian.
Recent Entries 
27th-Aug-2011 08:24 pm - sarth 8/27
Here is the updated list. As you can see, there are names under Present who are not on the list. I do not know if they are alts, or if they got theirs and just came for fun. If you are on the present list and the drake list and the names do not match PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN MOVE YOU.

Grats Avoth on his Twilight Drake!

Next Run will be on Saturday 8/31 at 6 server. Calender invites are sent. If you want to be added, respond to this entry and I'll put you on the list.

Current List:

9: Bitterxsweet
8: Rukia, Sairsta, Holls
7: Jaager,
6: Valrena, Potoki
5: Nerrd, , Kokiron, Onara, Pinxy, Verdande, Byrg, Rosz, Su of Suu. Eclair/yuki
4: Atixa/Auryona, Allu , Con, Anaamika
3: Philae, Ibi, Leeroi, Rheeana, Lashe, Twylla
2: Artemayis, Bloodletter, Flori, Vensus, Irliania, Hunniebunny, Audrideath, Mik
1: Alyri, Sosaki, Septimus, Ashri, , Nikkiya, Soul, Wilowisp, Faedyn

Present (8/27):

Gnuluu, Narci, Avoth, Twylla, Sair, Ardelain?allu, Mik, Holls, Lashe, Con, Bitterxsweet, Anaa, Nadeja/Faedyn
3rd-Aug-2011 08:33 pm - Sarth List 8/3
sarth list 7/30
Grats Twylla on her Twilight Drake!

sarth list 7/30
Grats Soul on her Twilight Drake!

Current List:

9: Gnuluu
8: Avoth, Bitterxsweet
7: Sairsta, Jaager, Rukia
6: Valrena, Holls,
5: Nerrd, Potoki, Kokiron, Onara, Pinxy, Verdande, Byrg, Rosz, Su of Suu
4: Atixa/Auryona, Eclair,
3: Philae, Ibi, Allu, Leeroi, Con
2: Artemayis, Bloodletter, Rheeana, Flori, Vensus, Irliania, Hunniebunny, Anaamika, Audrideath
1: Alyri, Sosaki, Septimus, Ashri, Airre, Nikkiya, Mik, Soul, Wilowisp, Twylla

Present (8/3):

Twylla, Gnuluu, Bitterxsweet, Su, Con, Soul, Jaagr, Audri, Wilipisp, Narci, Leeroii, Mik (on Stormmaster), Rukia, Jae (on Molten)
30th-Jul-2011 08:30 pm - sarth list 7/30
Grats Soul on her Twilight Drake!

Current List:

9: Twylla
8: Avoth, Gnuluu
7: Sairsta, Bitterxsweet
6: Valrena, Holls, Jaager, Rukia
5: Nerrd, Potoki, Kokiron, Onara, , Pinxy, Rukia, Verdande, Byrg, Rosz
4: Atixa/Auryona, Eclair, Su of Suu
3: Philae, Ibi, Allu,
2: Artemayis, Bloodletter, Rheeana, Flori, Leeroi, Vensus, Irliania, Hunniebunny, Anaamika, Con
1: Alyri, Audrideath, Sosaki, Septimus, Ashri, Airre, Nikkiya, Soul

Present (7/30):

Mikalas, Narci, Avoth, Gnuluu, Bitterxsweet, Twylla, Rosz, Jaagr, Serrenaa, Yukiana (Eclair), Nikkiya, Rukia, Su, Soul, Con

Serrenaa, I don't see you on the list. I don't know if you should be for an alt, although i didn't see on alt on the list in the guild so I'm assuming you got it and are done. Let me know.
20th-Jul-2011 08:29 pm(no subject)
Grats Con on her Twilight Drake!

Current List:

8: Soul, Twylla
7: Avoth, Sairsta, Gnuluu
6: Valrena, Holls, Bitterxsweet
5: Nerrd, Potoki, Kokiron, Onara, Jaager, Pinxy, Rukia, Verdande, Byrg, Rosz
4: Atixa/Auryona
3: Philae, Ibi, Allu, Eclair, Su of Suu
2: Artemayis, Bloodletter, Rheeana, Flori, Leeroi, Vensus, Irliania, Hunniebunny, Anaamika
1: Alyri, Audrideath, Sosaki, Septimus, Ashri, Airre, Con

Present (7/20):

Narci, Bitterxsweet, Kerwyn (Twylla), Anaamike, Con, Verdande, Jyn, Midnight (Eclair), Rosz, Kurokawa (Rukia), Byrg, Gnuluu, Su, Katronia, Serrenaa, Soul, Hunniebunny
28th-Jun-2011 04:49 pm - BERTHA IS BACK!
WHOOOOT my computer came home today. So I am officially off hiatus. Now i just have to catch up on changes. sigh.
Which one food would you choose to ban from existence, and why?

okra. slimy. nasty. disgusting.
14th-Feb-2010 01:40 pm - Life
you will not enjoy this, Seti
So, lately I have been coming to realize how tenuous and fleeting it really is.

I think I'm having a midlife crisis. I'm in my mid thirties. Aren't I too young for that? Maybe this isn't that anyway. I mean, I love my husband and our house and the dogs and all. But, the whole career thing. Yeah. I think the problem is that American's so identify ourselves by our careers. It's one of the first things we ask strangers, right? What do you do? That's so rude in most of the world. But here, that's the norm. And now... what do I do?

Uh... nothing at the moment. And what that then means about me? Yeah, let's not go there.


Enough. Must find something meaningful to do with my life.

Any suggestions?
27th-Nov-2009 05:20 pm - ony and toc 10 tomorrow
We didn't have enough people sign up. I went ahead and finalized it with what we have. If we can find people tomorrow great. If not, we can try for Sunday maybe. I'm fine with either.

Today's my 10 year wedding anniversary, so i'm outtie to hang with my hubby for a bit.

9th-Oct-2009 05:28 pm - WoW
For those of you now into wow on my f-list, you can ignore this cause it will likely be jibberish. But I'm having one of those days, so...

Ok, I'm been playing wow for two years now. I can hardly believe how much time I have sunk into this game lol. I've taken breaks, but somehow I always come back. I admit it, I am truly addicted. It's sad, but WoW is harder to quit than caffine or cigarettes. Seriously. If you are not hooked, don't start :P (But if you do, let me know and we can do a Refer a friend lol)


After two years, I have played ever class a little (although I've never gotten a warrior past like 15 or a rogue past about 25). I have leveled two priests to 80, as well as a mage, a paladin, and a druid. I have a hunter (who was my first 70 back when that was the level cap) sitting at 78. I have another druid at like 60. And a lock (my baby toon) who's now 57. Sad, right? I think I have something like 140 combined played days. And that doesn't count the toons I deleted along the way. Which are quite a few, and some of them in the 30s.

See what I mean? Addiction.


Somewhere in the process, just like in fan fic, you make friends and then both move in other directions.

So today, I was going through some of the people I've loved and lost on www.wowheros.com

And you know what? A lot of the people I respected as knowing so much/being ubergeared gods? DOn't seem that way now. Oh, some do. But a lot of them, I'm as geared as them.

Now, I can't help but be curious as to why this is. I know they raid more, and more hardcore, than I do. Is it really the way they've changed badge gear? It almost has to be.

Then that brings me to question 2. Is this a good thing? I'm still not sure. Part of me says yes. It certainly has been for me! I could never have geared up all of the above 80s (and they aren't all 'geared' but they are all acceptably geared for instances and heroics and naxx) without badges. But at the same time, there is something to be said for looking at a toon on the armory and seeing them in all purples and knowing that they're all drops.

I think.

22nd-Jun-2009 09:27 pm - WRONG!!!
Ok. This is worthy of failblog.

Note not only the placement of the 'trigger' but also where you fill the water gun...

19th-May-2009 08:47 am - Why?
Dumbledore Logic
Why is it that Tuesdays always make me want to play WoW? Is it because I know I can't? I totally want to get another level on my baby-shammy and I can't cause it's TUESDAY and the servers are down for maintenance. gar.
13th-May-2009 08:38 pm - Underworld Timeline?
Ok, this is just me being a dork, but it struck me as odd and didn't make sense.

1) Celine's father built the prison and was killed for it by Vicktor when Celine was an adult (or as old as she looks in the movies, yes/yes??).

2) Sonya is wearing the key around her neck in the RIse of the Lycan's and in the first movie, which Lucien takes off her corpse and wears around his neck.

3) When Celine starts digging about history, it sounds like it's ancient history long before her time and no one knows about how the war started.

How is that possible? How could it be ancient history if the necklace/key was being worn? Doesn't that imply it's in the same time give or take as her own childhood?

Becaue I was going to say maybe the necklace became a key later, but then how did Victor get it back from Lucien and Lucien get it back from Victor??

See the problem?

Or am I missing something?
8th-May-2009 02:33 pm - Test

27th-Apr-2009 03:27 pm - Shammy Question 2
Ok, so the shammy is currently enhancement. And that's fine at level 25 or so. But I hate melee. It took me leveling a pally to 71 to realize that it doesn't get all that much different. Granted, the shammy isn't too bad because I can tag them so they come to me, beat on them for awhile, then if they run away, shock them. But it's still not what I want to do when I hit instances. Actually, that's where it changes. I don't mind melee to solo grind. I hate it in instances.


At what level is it feasible to switch to elemental? And I'm thinking about buying heirloom shoulders to level her faster. Would buying the elemental ones be feasible now, even if she's enhancement until what? at least 40? Maybe OL? Or should I just suck it up and buy the enhancement shoulders?
14th-Apr-2009 03:56 pm - Grumps and Grumbles
So, I noticed that I haven't actually posted anything here in an age and a half.  Some of you probably don't even remember me.  But there is something about siting here in a class and wanting to sleep that makes me think LIVEJOURNAL  UPDATE!!!!

So.  Here I am.

I was up really really late last night.  Found a friend online that I hadn't talked to in a few months, and we were catching up and the next thing I knew it was 5am and I had class to start thinking about.  But it was worth it to catch up with him.  And then, it's patch day.  I started downloading it and 3 hours later it was only 20% done.  Sigh.  My husband was like, if you understand routers you would know how to turn off the firewall.  Um.  Hello.  That's why I married you. 

Let's see.  News.  I'm getting a puppy a WEEK FROM TODAY.  Her name is going to be Cherrywood's Regina Caeli, and we're going to call her Ginny.  Anyone surprised by the call name?  :P

I'll post pics when I get them.

I miss you guys.  Comment and let me know you're still alive.

3rd-Sep-2008 03:31 pm - old...
wow. 31 today. why does that feel older than 30? today's hitting harder than 30 did for sure :D

Also, a happy birthday to Ashley, if you read this. It's so easy to remember her birthday, since we share it.
25th-Aug-2008 06:05 pm - Forbidden Fruit Chapter 3
Forbidden Fruit-Chapter 3

For Sara.

This may be the end of this road. We shall see if the Muse decides to carry us on.... Perhaps one more....

Unbetaed, so I apologize for errors.


Oh... and remember I said it would get dark? DARK! Squick!

Be warned.

Forbidden Fruit Chapter 3Collapse )
From the Onion. Honest to God, I've never laughed so hard in my life. Ever. Thanks to mar for pointing it out to me.

Bush Tours AmericaCollapse )
16th-Aug-2008 12:58 am - Forbidden Fruit-Chapter 2
Many thanks again to Ava for the beta.

Still nothing gruesome here. Yet. Sigh. It's taking it's time to warm up. But no warnings for now.

For Sara.

Forbidden Fruit Chapter 2Collapse )
15th-Aug-2008 03:47 pm - Forbidden Fruits-Chapter 1
The following is a birthday gift to one of my dearest friends, slytherinswench.

This first chapter is just a teaser, but, if you knew me, and her, you know it's gonna get a bit darker. So... be forewarned. Although this chapter is very Tame. With a capital T.

Hugs and happy birthday, love!

Thanks to Ava for betaing!

Forbidden FruitCollapse )
27th-Jul-2008 01:04 am - Once Upon A Time
So... I'm pimping out our new HP RPG. Feel free to come play. Interactive writing is the best!

Application | Taken/Available Characters | Rules

The year was 1066.

The Norman King, William, had arrived with his supporters on the shores of Britain, and battle had been waged. The Normans had been victorious, and titles were granted to the invaders, making them the new ruling class.

But that wasn't the only conflict.

Included in William's army were wizards, powerful men who controlled both land and the elemental forces of nature. Their women came, too, and a society within a society was created.

For a time, the two groups lived in relative peace.

But nothing lasts forever.


21 years have passed, the year is now 1087.

Afraid and resentful of the power of the magic-folk, the common men and women, Muggles, began to rebel against their one time allies. For all the power that magic brought the wizarding class, the Muggles had sheer numbers on their side.

Now, society is on the brink of collapse and dissidence is rampant. Witches and wizards are being caught, tortured, and killed by the Muggles, and Muggles are disappearing in their beds.

Something has to be done, but what? By who?

Some of the greatest minds of the age are coming together to try and find a way to save the world as they know it, but even they have differences of opinion. Who will you side with? What will your answer be? Join us as we look back in time….

This is a game for mature players only, for sex and violence aren’t appropriate for the under 18 crowd. Original characters are welcomed! Over arching and ambitious plot lines encouraged!

Game Community: onceuponatimerp | Mod Journal: ou_mods | OOC Community: onceuponooc

Accepting applications now! Apply today!

Most Wanted Characters: Salazar Slytherin and Purebloods and not-so Purebloods alike!

Game begins August 9, 2008
6th-Dec-2007 01:15 am - Naming Help!
Ok, guys.

I have something to admit.  I play World of Warcraft.

And I just tamed a really cool pig and he needs a name.

Here's his pic...


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